Escape From Camp 52

Image of Escape From Camp 52
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Escape From Camp 52 is an immersive puzzle/game/story set in a bleak and terrifying dystopian world, brought to life like never before. In this self-contained package, you receive everything you need to set about on this interactive experience, uncovering secrets, cracking codes, solving mysteries and following the trail of clues as you help Blake, a reluctant inmate, escape the walls of the Camp.

More than a story. More than a puzzle.

This is a tense, multi-layered escape room in a box!

Through a series of letters that you tear open at each stage, you will be guided through maps, cryptic dials, torn pages of a codebook, secret messages, handcrafted props and so many secrets to unravel.

No apps to download, no websites to crash on you. A rustic, self contained mystery that you can solve alone or with friends. Find yourself lost in the world of Camp 52 - while trying to escape!