The Honest Psychic

Image of The Honest Psychic

The Honest Psychic is my complete guide to performing propless mentalism, 'psychic' reading and creating personal, memorable moments of magic. In this all-new book, I delve deeper than I ever have into my methods and performance of mental magic.

Learn the secrets that allow the performer to be 100% propless, build routines and perform psychic-style tricks, the honest way. The book explores everything I need to be a mentalist.

And you don't need a single prop.

100s of doors are opened to possibilities that will stretch the way you currently perform magic. Tell spectators secrets about themselves no-one else should know, (even with NO pre-show), read their mind and pluck thoughts straight from their heads with no writing down or forces. These are just a couple of the 100s of effects that are possible with the knowledge inside The Honest Psychic.

- True propless mentalism
- Routines and structure
- Improvised magic
- Detailed explanations of hot & cold reading, pre-show, physical and response analysis, Barnum statements, stooging, multiple outs, body language, psychology and so much more!

At 86 pages long, each explanation opens a discussion on performing and how we can become better at the art of entertaining through mentalism.