Mandala - A Twist Crib for Mnemonica

Image of Mandala - A Twist Crib for Mnemonica

A fully twistable crib peek for Mnemonica, for magicians who need a backup for the stack - that moves! A card is named, a number is named and with one thumb behind a card or card box, you can twist the crib so the numbers move and match with the cards you need at a moment's notice.

Don't want it to move? It doesn't. Fully customisable, fully HD and easy to read. Packs small and completely flat - hidden behind a single playing card.

A deadly weapon of card magic for your repertoire!

When you buy, you get
- Full HD image of the crib
- A4 PDF with the crib perfectly sized to be behind a Poker size playing card

No ums, no ahs. Just use your thumb to turn the wheel while holding a card or a box.

- Any card at any number... -
They want Jack of Diamonds at position 16. No maths, just turn the Jack of Diamonds to 16 on the dial and look at number 1... it tells you where to cut the deck and with no force and no sleights you can perform it perfectly with a single cut!

Note: Please only buy ONE of this product. Its digital, so buy one and print as many as you like for your own use in performance.