Plethora - Digital Version

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Online whenever; wherever. The full 232+ pages of intense magic and 100+ methods for just £25. Wait... £15. £15 for 100s of methods? I'm crazy.

Here is what's inside: (not everything!)
Win at Rock Paper Scissors, know someone's name, number plate, birthday, star sign, book test with a completely borrowed book, unlock borrowed phones, know their bank number, card in spectators wallet, TOXIC on a borrowed phone, force a free choice, predict random events, divine someone's job, CVN BookTest, Instagram Mentalism, know the day of the week someone was born, guess emojis and numbers, perfect propless mind reading, the double lift, the pass, the top stock overhand shuffle, Tenkai optical revolve, the second deal, Hell's Control, Elite Control, third deal, UpDog, bottom card turnover, Catch, Aperture, Outcome, Fairness, CVN Prediction, 3 deck vanishes, a lightspeed oil and water, Flick Change, “changingbetween”, gimmickless corner restoration, Point Blank, Camberwell, torn corner through glass table, CVN Load, Card At Virtually Any Number, Ash Finder, find any number of cards found from any number of places, 14 ways to find cards, top shot for the bar, You Do I Do, card on back of spectator, instant turnover, changing corner in the hand, Splash Deal, Neckbreaker, Brainwave Stimulation, drinking kerosene, eating medicines and a knife, PATEO, Zero Zone, Perfect Mind Reading, in the hand change, coin through table, permanent vanish of a borrowed coin, Corner Vanish, teleporting money, exchange rate, paper clip office trick, cocktail stick through balloon, magazine table trick, Escape Velocity, ‘The Cat Who Knows’.