Project Two: Phone Effects

Image of Project Two: Phone Effects

Coming 8th Feb.

Tricks include:

- 'Phone-Force' principle. Never before taught technique I have used at professional cooperate events for the last 3 years, which allows you to force ANYTHING from your phone! Contacts, Instagram pictures, Wikipedia articles, calculator results (no TOXIC method), even the exact number of seconds a spectator stopped at on a freely operated stopwatch!
The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

- Phantom Selfie. You open up your selfie camera, show it to be a live image. You hold out a playing card and the spectators see what card it is in the phone, but when you flip the card, it is seen to change.

- The 'D.A.U.' Peek. A spectator thinks of a word or phrase, types it down to show their friends and deletes it. You can instantly know this information and read their mind.

No special 'magic' apps required, just standard smartphone features. Works for iPhone and Android.