The Story So Far.

CVN was founded on the 16th January 2021 by Cavan Booth, in collaboration with Haris Arya. The mission remains simple: produce meaningful creations, from playing cards to magic - and beyond.

The first deck, The Dystopian Deck, fully funded on Kickstarter in 2020.

The Dark Dystopian Deck provided a step-up in design and an expansion to the world of Camp 52.

The Dystopian Gaff Deck launched via our sister company, The Magician Club, and provided magicians with a chance to use the previous decks for a wide range of visual and mind-bending trickery.

The CVN Bank Playing Cards were next, offering a unique credit-card design, not only allowing you to take "card to wallet" to the next level, but are perfect for cardistry, magic, collecting and displaying.