The CVN Strikers: Worker's Edition

Image of The CVN Strikers: Worker's Edition

The mission was simple: how do we take a familiar borderless casino-style deck of cards and turn it into something for the modern magician?

The answer was The CVN Strikers.

A deck that catches the eyes of audiences and yet arouses no suspicion. A deck that looks stunning during cardistry. A deck to keep pristine in your collection... or beat up in performance.

You choose.

The Worker's Edition has had a few changes made from the Origianl. The Jokers and cut card have been replaced by two of the most versatile additions in any repertoire: a blank and a double backer.

As if that wasn't enough, we've thrown in an Angle Z gimmick for a reality-breaking impossible object! Massive credit (of course) to Daniel Madison, a huge inspiration.

Oh, and did we mention...? Its fully marked, with the boldest marking system we could come up with. For example, I can read the cards at arms length!

You'd have no trouble reading them while your spectator handles the pack, yet it blends into the back design if you're not looking for it.