The Magician Masterclass

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When you buy this you won't learn any tricks. Not one.

But you will learn the real secrets of performing magic.

In this project, I take a deep-dive into presentation, routining and starting your career in magic. In collaboration with other people, this huge project will hopefully be the Bible of being a magician.

This zero-subscription, all-inclusive video course covers:
- Performance
- Presentation
- Building routines
- Starting your career in magic

- Performance -
Taking you all the way through from the basics of confidence to higher-level thinking. Comedy, tension, fear, excitement, entertainment. Learn how your performance can build these moments into your magic.

- Presentation -
In immense amounts of detail, I go through every way I've found of presenting magic. What works, what doesn't and breaking down perhaps the most important element of being a magician.

- Building routines -
Structuring your magic, your routines and ultimately your entire act is a challenge we all go through. In this section, I guide you through the method that works for me to create a varied, thematic and flowing show from start to finish. By the end of this, you'll have a unique 30 minute magic show using tricks you already know.

- Starting your career -
This section alone is undoubtedly worth the price of the project itself. You'll be able to get the money back from this project in your first gig. I reveal the secrets I learned when I got started performing; from marketing to networking and maintaining a flow of gigs doing what you love! How do you get your first gig? What do you charge for it? Where do you go from there? All this and a ton more is taught.

This is The Magician Masterclass.